Sex Trafficking – An Online Epidemic

Sex trafficking is almost always brought up in reference to third-world countries, but in reality human sex trafficking crossed our borders long ago. There are 300,000 U.S. teens becoming victims every year, and less than 1 percent of them are identified. The unfortunate truth is that sex trafficking is a worldwide industry that is growing faster than the drug and weapon sales today. There are over 21 million victims worldwide, that is more than the combined population of New York and Hawaii. With that in mind, half of all victims are children, four out of every five are female, and the average life expectancy of a female is 7 years, don’t you think this should be a headlining issue on the headlines? The following infographic by the University of New England will go into more depth of the true nature of these underground crimes against humanity, and the battle that is being fought to prevent it. Sex Trafficking - An Online Epidemic

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