Comprehensive Guide to Slate Roofing

Slate is metamorphic rock which is extracted from completely natural resources. Their property of being strong and durable makes them very useful material in construction industry. The most common color of this rock is gray, but it is also found in colors like brown, green and blue. Brazil is the main producer of this material. It is also found in countries like Spain, France and Portugal.
Slate Roofing:
Due to its durability, we use slate to cover our roofs. Slate roofs are very safe and durable in every weather and temperature. People use it as their roofing material all around the world. They are most common in Europe and North America. The product is so strong that it can last up to hundred years.
Why Slate Roofing?
Despite its durability there are other advantages as well which are as under:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Safety
  3. Natural
  4. No Maintenance Required

Types of Slate Roofing:
There are mainly three types of Slate roofs which include;

  1. Natural Slate
  2. Man-made Slate
  3. Fibre Cement Slate

All these types have some good benefits and they vary in terms of cost.
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