Sleep Apnea: Symptoms, Risks, Effects, and Treatment

A human being spends almost 30% of his life in sleeping. Some may consider it an unnecessary waste and will find ways to stay awake longer and do something with that time. However, sleep is necessary for rejuvenation and quality sleep is essential if you wish to stay in top gear. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luck of good health to enjoy a night of blissful sleep. Sleep disorders, or sleep apnea, affect a majority of human beings, resulting not only in reduced efficiency but, importantly, laying them open to health risks. There are various underlying causes for sleep apnea. Then there are various sleep disorders ranging from central sleep apnea to obstructive apnea to narcolepsy. Learn all about sleep apnea and how you can prevent this from happening to you. In addition, learn to overcome it with the help of simple remedies.
Sleep Apnea
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