Star Wars Characters: What Would They Drive?

The new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens” which is the seventh installment of the series comes out this month and has the whole world buzzing with excitement. With the new plot, the addition of new characters as well as your returning favorites, the seventh movie is sure to bring a new form of excitement and discussion. And so is this infographic. This particular graphic showcases what kind of modern vehicle each Star Wars character would drive if they lived on Earth today. That’s right. Picture your favorite character hanging out in a modern day vehicle. The cars that were assigned to each character have varying physical characteristics that seemingly match the character’s to perfection, touching on not only their physical presence but their personality! Check out Chewbacca driving a monster truck, R2D2 looking fresh in a white and blue mini cooper, as well as Darth Vader looking fly in a custom black Maybach Exelero. Star-Wars
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