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Things Every Biker Looks For In A Bike Rental Company

You must know how to meet with the demands of your customers and what they expect from a bike rental shop. Delivering what your customers expect will keep them coming back and your bike rental business running smoothly. Since cycling tourism is on the rise globally, there is a lot of prospect in this specific business sector. Just as the …

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8 Ways to keep your bike safe while touring

Bike touring is a fun way to see the countryside and get some exercise at the same time. You can even take the whole family. Be careful, though. Many touring holidays have been ruined by a pesky thief taking his chance and legging it with a bike that wasn’t his. And let’s face it – without a bike the tour, …

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World’s Longest Bike Vs New York City

Did you know? The first bike path created in America was built in Brooklyn in 1894. Despite New York City’s long history with city congestion, it has begun to move away from its car-congested reputation; helping promote bike culture to the mainstream; steering its population into a greener direction, a greener image. In over the past four years, New York …

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