World’s Longest Bike Vs New York City

Did you know? The first bike path created in America was built in Brooklyn in 1894.
Despite New York City’s long history with city congestion, it has begun to move away from its car-congested reputation; helping promote bike culture to the mainstream; steering its population into a greener direction, a greener image.
In over the past four years, New York City has built a grand total of 500 miles of bikeways. New York City definitely is trying to clean up its image and tourism is on the rise because of it. Today there are over 200, 000 cyclists who bike the streets of New York and over 500, 000 adult cyclists monthly.
New York City is the city that never sleeps and is also the city that never stops biking. If you’re as big of a fan of New York and bikes as much as we are, you’ll love the interesting infographic we share today created by the good folks at Central Park Sightseeing: The world’s longest bike Vs. New York City.worlds longest bike Vs New York City

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