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Tips on How to Buy Ripple from Bitcoin

In the recent past, XRP or Ripple as it is commonly known, started gaining value and it is now considered to be among the top cryptocurrencies on the market. Now, people all over the world want to buy ripple and also be among those investors who have amassed huge profits from the recent surge of the XRP price. Ripple was …

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A Beginner’s Guide To Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology

The Position Of The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem: Amongst the two namely, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, the state of the cryptocurrency ecosystem will be viewing a clear differentiation. This results in making a few people for being to think that, in future days, which of the two worlds will be surviving. However, right now, the time is right for deeming the condition …

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What is Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin?

Blockchain is a data structure with number of blocks, blockchain plays a key role in the functioning and transactions of the bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency which can be even termed as virtual or digital currency. The Bitcoin was invented with the name Satoshi in the year 2009, the identity of the inventor or satoshi still stays under …

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