Tips on How to Buy Ripple from Bitcoin

In the recent past, XRP or Ripple as it is commonly known, started gaining value and it is now considered to be among the top cryptocurrencies on the market. Now, people all over the world want to buy ripple and also be among those investors who have amassed huge profits from the recent surge of the XRP price.

Ripple was first introduced with the goal of easing the process of global money transfer, a reason why it was famously referred to as the digital currency for banks. However, many people initially snubbed investing in ripple until 2018 when those who were brave enough to invest in ripple started making huge profits.

Currently, Ripple and Bitcoin are the top cryptocurrencies in the world and the surges in price these two cryptocurrencies experience can benefit investors. Buying Ripple has now been made easier because you can use other crypto to do it. In this article, we are going to share tips on how to buy ripple from bitcoin.

How to buy ripple from bitcoin via Nakitcoins

Buying ripple was initially a complex process, but several crypto exchanges noticed this and came up with a solution. That is why you can now exchange other crypto like bitcoin for ripple. Converting crypto to other crypto helps investors benefit even more, especially if they believe that a certain digital currency is going to do well in the near future.

If you want to know how to buy ripple from bitcoin, then can be a useful resource. This is one of the crypto exchange sites that offers the crypto-to-crypto exchange services. The good thing with Nakitcoins is that you do not need to open an account with them to access these services. As long as you have a crypto wallet, your transaction will go through. Once the transaction is successful, there is no holding of your crypto until you sign up with them.

How to buy ripple from bitcoin via Changelly

Changelly is also a crypto exchange site where you can trade with various digital currencies. This site also allows to convert one digital currency to another, meaning you can buy ripple here using your bitcoins. Just like in Nakitcoins, you do not have to register with Changelly to proceed with the crypto-to-crypto exchange.

However, you have to sign up first with an email ID, and if you are concerned about revealing your personal identity, using an alias can work. For the conversion to go through, all you need is an exchange wallet that supports ripple and some bitcoins in the wallet.

How to buy ripple from bitcoin via Binance

Binance is one of the top crypto exchanges out there. Since 2017, Binance has been rapidly growing and now it has claimed its place as one of the best crypto exchanges globally. You can do cryptocurrency trading in this site and also get crypto to crypto exchanges services as well. If you have bitcoins, you can easily convert them to ripple at Binance.
One of the main benefit of buying ripple from bitcoin using Binance is that you can do huge volumes of transactions. Their mobile application has made it easier for many people to convert their bitcoins to ripple or any other crypto.
Once you have some bitcoins in your Binance account, you can convert them to ripple in a few clicks.

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