4 Outsourcing Trends that will Impact Businesses in 2019

When people hear about automation, their first reaction is that robots will become advanced enough to take over their jobs, leaving them unemployed in an extremely competitive job market. That’s why most workers think AI is a threat to their livelihood.
But that is a myth. We’re not talking about Terminators here, or a crime-fighting bulletproof RoboCop. In the real world, AI isn’t used to power movie props, but instead to power simple devices and systems that help individuals and businesses improve the way they work.
For businesses, automation is often used with other techniques like outsourcing and offshoring to minimize the running costs of a business, which is useful for those looking to scale quickly. Instead of a flashy vigilante that fights crime, we’re using artificial intelligence today to power businesses to make an even bigger impact to the world. That might sound boring to some, but compared to a world dominated by machines, that’s not a lot better.
To learn more about the outsourcing trends poised to make an impact this 2019, check out the infographic below.
Infographic Source: http://transcosmos.co.uk/blog/outsourcing-trends-2019/

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