Software Deployment Checklist for Businesses

Have you every pushed an update of your software that caused an uproar among your most avid customers? “Well then, we’ll just roll back to the previous version!” But there’s one problem: you didn’t make a proper backup of your software *before* deploying your buggy update.


That’s what happens when dev teams don’t develop a rollback plan for when things don’t go as expected. This doesn’t happen a lot, but there are still cases when a project manager fails to double check things, so it’s important that everyone is on the same page. And that can be achieved by having a clear, step-by-step checklist so that the whole team knows what’s happening at all times.

So before you start your next dev project, make sure to go over the software deployment checklist below to help you and your team spend less time fixing stuff and more time making money.

Software Deployment Checklist for Businesses

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