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7 Google Adwords Hacks to Boost Your Campaign

Google AdWords will come in handy for online advertisers because this program uses a list of algorithms and Big data to further aid advertisers in achieving goals for their campaign. All of this is being done whilst ease of access and search query relevance for search engine users is ensured. Unfortunately, fully utilizing the functions of this program can be …

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Remarketing Campaign

This short infographic from EL Passion explains what needs to be done before starting a remarketing campaign for your business. It’s not about running the campaign. It’s about how and what to prepare before launching it live. Remarketing is a powerful marketing channel. Barely anyone take the action you want them to take during their first visit to your website. …

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Marketing Campaigns – How do you like yours cooked?

It has occurred to us that everyone likes their steaks cooked in a different way. But the raw ingredients are the same. Much like digital marketing campaigns. We all like a different mix of SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing etc but again, the raw ingredients remain the same. It’s just the treatment that changes. So we’ve compared steaks with …

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