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7 Tips for Shipping Your Car Across Country

Black Car on Road

You know you want to ship your car across the country, but how do you do it? Here are some tips for shipping your vehicle across the country with minimal fuss and stress. 1. Check Car Before Delivery Before loading a car into a truck, check whether it has any damages: tires with flat spots, cracked windshields, and dents in …

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America’s Most Haunted Locations

You might be surprised to find that only one-in-five people believe in the paranormal. And yet that hasn’t stopped a number of haunted locations to pop up throughout the U.S.—a fairly new country. Between a revolutionary war, a civil war and random acts of murder, violence and mayhem, there are tons of reported paranormal sighting throughout the country—predominately up and …

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Gone to the Beach

For beach lovers around the country, the time has finally arrived to get your next trip in order. The warmer weather is here, which means it is time to have our toes in the sand and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze. What’s your favorite beach activity? The majority of people (70 percent) enjoy walking along the beach best). Other favorites …

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Who loves dogs the most?

We all love dogs right? But who loves them the most? Derived from superb data research and utilising fun, beautiful and informative graphics this Infographic shows that Americans love their dogs more than any other nation on earth. There are more dogs in America than anywhere else, more dogs per person than anywhere else, and even more dogs than there …

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