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Drinking and Driving- Impacts and Alternatives

Around the world, drinking while driving is a common issue among many societies. Keeping the roadways safe, and free of accidents is the number one objective focused on among many policing and government authorities. It requires strict enforcement of drinking and driving laws, and citizens who are willing to abide by these laws to keep streets safe. Keeping our roadways …

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How Your Body Reacts After Drinking A Can Of Coke

There have been articles written about processed food, calories and fizzy drinks. Companies like Pepsi, Coca Cola have become synomous with our life styles. Every office party or family gatherings they find their place in our foods. Though they look fancy and cool, they do have some health related drawbacks. This info graphic shows popular drink coca cola’s timeline in …

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Coffee Etiquette Around the World

Coffee Etiquette Around the World infographic shows how coffee is consumed differently in different cultures. Here you’ll discover different coffee preparation and drinking rituals that make them unique and interesting, such as drinking coffee with sugar cubes in Bosnia, drinking coffee with warm milk in Spain, dunking a croissant in this delicious drink in France, or using coffee grounds to …

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