Spotting a Suspected Drunk Driver

Driving under the influence or drinking while intoxicated, drunk driving is a crime. Not only that but drinking and driving could be extremely dangerous for all participants in the traffic. In that context, if you are aware how to identify a drunk driver on the road could save human lives. For that reason, the infographic illustrates important tips how to spot a drunk driver.

Looking for certain signs of intoxication among other drivers could help protect your family and other cars.

First, check out the mentioned behaviors of a drunk driver the infographic shows. Failing to stay in their lane is one indication for a drunk driver behind the wheel. Next, hitting/nearly colliding with objects on road and excessive breaking or speeding are also very indicative signs you should be aware of.

Inappropriate signaling and not using headlights are extremely dangerous also hint for a drunk driving in the car. The infographic includes more signals that evidence for a suspected intoxicated driver on the road.

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