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Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset: Differences, Outcomes & Limitations

Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset

It has long been a well-known fact that our way of thinking determines our lives. Our mindset defines how we will accept life’s difficulties, fall to our knees from adversity, or adapt successfully. In today’s economy, almost every industry is developing rapidly. Adaptation has become an essential quality for any professional. IT and marketing are prime examples. A programmer and …

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Online Education in India: Exponential growth occurring in this regard

Online Education has proven to be a boon for many students and working professionals. The flexibility to learn at anytime and from anywhere has led to the adoption of online education platforms by numerous people. And with the ongoing trend, Google and KPMG India have predicted an elevated growth of eight times in the online education market over the next …

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Definitive Guide To Growth Hacking

Growth hacking has been trending around the startup world for a really long time now. Tons of definitions and numerous number of guides to growth hacking are available on the web to put someone in a dilemma of making the right choice. Growth hacking: It is a word that is used mostly by marketers these days. Many companies and marketers …

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The Beat Drops, the Charts Rise: the Growth of the EDM Industry

Since electronic music entered the music scene in the 1970s, it has made an impact—on listeners, artists, and the entire music industry. All the while, its value as a true music genre is being questioned by critics all over the world. Despite its rising presence on the charts and in our hearts, many still ask, “Is EDM just a fad?”. …

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How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth

Have you been giving equal focus to the written and visual content of your social media shares? While both play a major role in keeping your customers interested, you may want to lean slightly more toward the latter. Why? Because majority of people, more often than not, are bound to grow bored of the written word, if there Is an …

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