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Summer Safety Tips for Every Age Group

One of the most anticipated time of the year is summertime. This is the most perfect opportunity to swim and just relax, or go on overseas vacations. Whether you plan to go to the beach on explore in a foreign country, both may involve exposure under sunlight. And prolonged exposures under the sun can lead to sunburn. This should not …

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Summer Activities in Dubai for Kids

Summer break is near. Have you thought of things your children can do with their free time? As parents, it’s important to provide our kids with fun and educational activities that will enhance certain aspects of their personality, or develop certain skills they can use in life. Having a vacation overseas will really excite them, but this may be too …

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Keeping Kids Hydrated

Coffee, tea, soda pop, milk, juice, wine, and many more–we could really say that there are a lot of beverages out there in the market. It’s quite a booming industry if you think about it. Some, like coffee, have already been ingrained in our daily lives that they already changed our lifestyles and, in effect, our cultures. But, whatever happened …

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