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How To Keep A Dog From Pooping In Your Yard?

If you really put a lot of effort around your garden and yard, a neighbor’s dog taking a poop on the freshly mowed grass of your garden is the last thing you want to see. Still, it happens and it’s not a dog fault because they mark the territory this way, and they may have been attracted to your dog’s …

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To Eat or To Keep: The Shelf Life of Your Favourite Foods

Did you know that generally, you can still eat foods even after the “Best Before” date written on a product’s label? Manufacturers put the Best Before date to inform consumers until when a certain food product can be enjoyed at its ideal quality. Once that date has passed, you can still eat some foods but at a slightly lower quality. …

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Major Healthcare Plans to Keep Diseases at Bay

Millions of people in South Africa suffer from various ailments without receiving proper treatment. As a result, the number of yearly premature deaths in this country is considerably high. In order to prevent this situation, a proper healthcare plan is necessary for the survival of these people. That is where, companies like GetSavvi offers several profitable healthcare plans to the …

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