Leadership Hierarchy

Leaders are not created equal – some are better and others.

The reason lies in the qualities and traits that leaders have in the workplace.

Employees tend to gravitate towards leaders who inspire action because of what they symbolize in the workforce. These leaders are also the ones who are more than willing to help out the team and make the process much easier for them.

On the other hand, employees will simply consider work as a way to pay the bills if the abilities of their bosses do not inspire confidence. These leaders are also probably the ones last to clock in work and the first ones to clock out.

The question now is: are you a leader who inspires confidence from employees or does not inspire at all?

To answer the question, the infographic in this post details the five R’s in leadership hierarchies – Rights, Relationships, Results, Reproduction, and Respect. The hierarchies are discussed by Alred Yap, CEO and Trainer of Genesis1 Training Services.

Leadership Hierarchy

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