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Why Print Matters

Investing in print ads in the age of the Internet might sound crazy. But print ads are still around and we see them every day in newspapers, magazines, and journals. So, did you ever think about the reason standing behind this? How on the earth print is still afloat when everything out there seems to be taken over by the …

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Archiving WhatsApp Messages for Trial and Legal Matters

For those who have experienced being in a court case before, presenting solid evidence that can turn the tides in their favor is not an easy task indeed. However, thanks to the modern technology, electronic messages are now fairly acceptable as viable evidence given the fact that they adhere to certain requirements. Take for example those that came from WhatsApp, …

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Why Customer Engagement Matters

Customers are the key to your business, making strong customer engagement critical for long-term business success. But what makes for good customer engagement? What makes customers happy, and keeps them coming back? According to recent TimeTrade studies, 92 percent of consumers in the United States believe that a great customer experience entails personalized service, helpful and knowledgeable sales associates, as …

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