Why Print Matters

Investing in print ads in the age of the Internet might sound crazy. But print ads are still around and we see them every day in newspapers, magazines, and journals.
So, did you ever think about the reason standing behind this? How on the earth print is still afloat when everything out there seems to be taken over by the Internet? How come that print ads still work and businesses continue investing in this traditional medium?
Well, as it appears from the data and stats compiled in this infographic print is the absolute winner when it comes to emotions, feelings, and trust. Massive digitalization of the world did not make people to start liking print less. While it is true that compared to digital the print media has been on a steady decline in terms of numbers lately, in terms of levels of interaction with consumers it retains its unique strengths and advantages.
How? Find the full details in this data-rich infographic.
Infographic Source: https://cash4toners.com/info/2019/02/10/why-print-matters/

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