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5 Reasons SMS Will Bring People Back to Your Biz


Today, text messaging has become a popular means of communication and marketing tool in many organizations. This is because of the advantages it offers. Read on to learn the five main reasons SMS can help your business retain customers. Allows Fast Interaction Many people today own smartphones and spend many hours on the screen sending messages, checking emails, or surfing …

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SMS Metrics You Need to Measure

The power of mobile in the digital age is undeniable. Studies show that more people access the internet through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets rather than through desktop computers, which makes sense, considering we bring these devices with us almost anywhere due to their portability. Because of this surge in mobile use, SMS marketing is becoming an effective …

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SMS for Business: Trends and Statistics

Good ol’ SMS texting may be the hallmark of older generations, but it’s still playing a role in today’s era of instant messaging and video chatting. Research shows that about 9 out of 10 smartphone users still use SMS texting in their everyday lives, and this is true for countries both developed and still developing. These statistics prove that unlike …

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