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The Future of Technical Support Outsourcing: Top Trends and Things to Know

Nowadays, when customers need assistance, they don’t pick up the phone. Well, not the *old* phone. They pick up their smartphone, open up Twitter, and send a tweet to the brand that they want to talk to. What’s the difference? In the past, complaints and concerns were aired in private, through 1-on-1 calls between customer and support agent. But today, …

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Omnichannel Support: How to Build an Omnichannel Support Strategy

Nothing is more frustrating than reaching out to customer support and having to explain an issue multiple times to multiple people. Unfortunately, too many support structures are still stuck in a single-channel or siloed multi-channel system that keeps tickets and customer information segregated from other facets of the support team. That’s why omnichannel support is so important to create more …

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6 Characteristics to Look for When Outsourcing Help Desk Support Team

In a corporate world where computers and machines play a major role in business processes, many employers place a huge value on their creative staff. People who can keep their calm during daunting challenges and come up with new, unconventional ways to still make things work despite the odds. Support agents who can handle complaining customers with tact and turn …

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