Omnichannel Support: How to Build an Omnichannel Support Strategy

Nothing is more frustrating than reaching out to customer support and having to explain an issue multiple times to multiple people. Unfortunately, too many support structures are still stuck in a single-channel or siloed multi-channel system that keeps tickets and customer information segregated from other facets of the support team.

That’s why omnichannel support is so important to create more streamlined, positive customer experiences.
The benefits of which are many for both the customer and the support agents, and more broadly, businesses.

Omnichannel support allows for everyone along the support process to share in the same customer and ticketing information, tracking communications throughout all touchpoints.

Not only does this process cut down (ideally, eliminate) a customer having to repeat themselves, but it lends to faster resolutions, more consistent customer service, and ultimately, boosts a company’s branding to showcase their dedication to excellent customer service.

This infographic explores the advantages of omnichannel support, 4 frameworks for successful implementation by support teams, and best practices.

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