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Electrical Safety Tips From Certified Electricians

Stay Safe From Common Electrical Hazards By Following Below Steps: Upgrade Your Old & Faulty Wiring with New One If you house construction has completed more than 40 years, then you should inspect your home’s wiring. Most of the wiring requires upgrade after 35 to 40 years. If you do not go with new wiring, it can result in fire …

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Workplace Fire Risks

A workplace fire is a nightmare for business owners and employees. Not only is a workplace fire terrifying and dangerous, it can also cost a business a huge amount in terms of assets and money. Thankfully, most companies take a responsible approach towards fire safety and do the best to keep their business and employees safe. When we think of …

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8 Tips to Avoid Electrical Fires in Your Home

Nobody wants an electrical fire in their home. Yet 28,000 fires a year start in homes across the United States all of which are caused by arcing faults. The good news is you can prevent them from happening in your home if you follow the advice we share on this infographic. Remember, electrical fires are preventable! Infographic Source: http://www.eilhardtelectric.com/8-tips-to-avoid-electrical-fires-in-your-home.php

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