Electrical Safety Tips From Certified Electricians

Stay Safe From Common Electrical Hazards By Following Below Steps:

Upgrade Your Old & Faulty Wiring with New One

If you house construction has completed more than 40 years, then you should inspect your home’s wiring. Most of the wiring requires upgrade after 35 to 40 years. If you do not go with new wiring, it can result in fire or heavy damage.

Replace Faulty Outlets

As per the analysis, 20% of house or commercial fire take place because of the faulty outlets or cords. If you use your electrical appliances through those faulty outlets, they can harm your expensive electrical appliances. You should also take car pf electrical load, if you use multiple appliances at one outlet, it can be dangerous.

Smoke Alarms

Keep the track of all your smoke alarms. Check once in every 15 days, they are working properly or not, the batteries are in working condition or not, etc. As per the research, 3 out of 5 people die through fire because of the faulty smoke detectors.

What to do in case of electrical emergency?

  • Make A Plan To Come Out From The Emergency Situation
  • Find Out Safe Escape Routes
  • Walk As Per the Plan
  • Only Keep Important Belongings With You & Keep Them Nearby

How To Use Fire Extinguisher?

  • Pull The Pin
  • Hold Extinguisher Nozzle Away From You
  • Aim Low
  • Squeeze Level Slowly
  • Sweep From Side To Side

Important Information:

Hire a certified electrician and do regular inspection of your home electrical sections. After one point of time the wires need replacement. In general, the aluminium wires work properly upto 5 years and the copper wires work properly upto 20 years. Only a expert electrician can tell you the condition of your home’s electrical section.

Electrical Safety Tips

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