Romance in the Philippines: 7 Local Flowers Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Although emails and text messages have greatly overtaken handwritten letters these days, fresh flowers remain a timeless Valentine’s Day staple. And, as February is just around the corner, Filipinos everywhere will be busy looking for gifts for their loved ones. Flowers straight out of Ecuador or the Netherlands are certainly lovely and impressive.

The Philippines itself is home to a good number of bouquet-worthy blossoms, though!

A few of these flowers are already familiar to us, like the elegant lily and the classic rose. Other flowers may surprise you with their hidden romantic charm, though. Who would’ve known that the sampaguita could star in a Valentine’s Day bouquet? Plus, the flowers in an arrangement all convey certain meanings, so you can handpick blooms and create a bouquet that is completely unique to your loved one. Send purple orchids and pink roses to a girl who exudes regal elegance, for example, or get fiery orange flowers to signify enthusiasm and fascination.

Curious about what other flowers and their colors might mean? Gather inspiration for your Valentine’s Day bouquet with the help of this infographic. This overview of 7 gorgeous Philippine flowers and their romantic meanings will come in handy when you shop for fresh cut blooms this February.

7 Local Flowers Perfect for Valentine’s Day
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