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New Words 2016 You Got to Know to Stay Cool

Language is a live organism that changes to reflect the times. Sometimes we even do not notice how some words pass out of use and some new words start up. The English language is developing, changing and it is fast adapting to the modern words. Have you ever thought that every day new words enter English from every sphere of …

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11 Untranslatable Words from All Around the World

There are words in some languages that can’t be literary translated to other languages. Those words usually best describe that country’s culture or lifestyle. Here’s the list of 11 untranslatable words from all over the world, some are fun, some are romantic, and some are simply beautiful.

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Words Invented by Authors

There are various of words that we now use and each ¬†word has its roots or origin. These words were derived from old language or they originated from writers. Many of these words were actually developed by famous authors. Apart from contributing their best literary works, writers have also contributed the words that they created. These words were first used …

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