Taiwan: Your way to the heart of outsourcing in Asia

Taiwan has long been eyed as a rich soil to plant new investments, yet 2015 is perhaps its stronger year in the economic sphere. Its powerfully skilled workforce coupled with the available supply of resources have contributed in making the region a prime spot for outsourcing and business startups alike.

And recent statistics support this. This infographic by Open Access BPO shows, in terms of numbers, why starting a business in Taiwan is a smart choice for both budding and far-reaching companies. Most notable here is World Bank’s ease of doing business index, which ranked the region as the 19th most welcoming spot for foreign investments.

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starting a business in Taiwan

Infographic Source: https://www.openaccessbpo.com/blog/infographic-taiwan-your-way-to-the-heart-of-outsourcing-in-asia/

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