How Can You Become a Talented Talent Management Professional?

The Talent Management industry is under a phase of renovation. There are new ideologies and practices being conceived time and again and the leaders of this field are paving the way to a better version of HR & Talent Management. Know more on this topic by glancing over TMI’s latest infographic – Talent Essentials & Enablers for Talent Management Professionals.

Did you know that as per a survey conducted by Gartner, over 60% HR leaders and 78% Talent Management leaders share a common belief that creating a leadership benchmark is the topmost duty of people who are part of this domain? Sounds intriguing right?

What is more interesting is that Harvard Business Review says that for developing leadership skills, managers in the talent management sector must practice in a low-risk environment. The infographic also depicts the risks that HR and talent management practitioners must look out for this year. Here they are:

  1. Undesired amount of time to fill vacant positions – 52%
  2. Inadequate diversity – 43%
  3. Inefficacious hiring decisions – 40%
  4. Delayed decision making – 38%
  5. Low employee engagement – 35%
  6. Slim leadership pipeline – 31%
  7. Lagging productivity – 30%

By looking at this, you can imagine the level of ambiguity that the leaders of this dominion are facing. So it is needless to say that it is time to take definite measures to combat these challenges and hence, the refurbish stage is justified.

These days, global talent managers are being overly cautious before making hiring decisions. These are the key pointers that they are keeping in mind.

  • The candidate’s potential to achieve high-level objectives
  • Must fit into the organization’s culture
  • Agility is essential
  • Technical skills to handle present requirements
  • Prior experience in a similar role
  • Personality must be inclined towards solving critical business problems

Another revelation made by the infographic is that there is a list of things that managers can focus on building a strong workforce. If you are burning with curiosity to know, here you go.

For a thriving workforce, talent managers should enable their employees to:

  1. To strike a balance between work and personal life
  2. Recognize their contribution
  3. Provide them with relevant learning opportunities
  4. A good environment to work in
  5. Give them riveting projects
  6. Help them feel a valuable part of the organization
  7. Offer the space to make their decisions
  8. Provide them with effective mentoring

It is a widely known reality that war for talent is on and only the fittest of the fittest will survive and thrive in this cut-throat circumstances. So, it is time to show that you are a member of the new generation of managers by adopting the best practices to take your workforce up a notch.

And, the best route to a rewarding career in talent management goes through a pertinent talent management certification. Get yourself enrolled in a talent management program and set the stage for a celebrated career. For more information click on the TMI infographic.

Talented Talent Management Professional
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