10 Tax Facts and Statistics Every Taxpayer Should Know in Tax Year 2022

Dealing with taxes is something almost everyone dreads doing. We’ve been taxpayers for a long time, but there are still things one might miss if they do not inform themselves. These scenarios are unfortunate but understandable. Taxes can be confusing. Crunching the numbers while keeping your documents organized is time-consuming. Keeping receipts can be a hassle.

Aside from understanding the numbers on our tax information, we responsible American citizens must keep track of the adjustments the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may make. Missing such announcements can lead to a bigger headache. These include new tax rates caused by inflations, tables and schedules, and other adjustments. Familiarizing ourselves with Tax statistics can also be helpful for us to comprehend our taxes fully and how to deal with them responsibly.

All those being said, here are 10 helpful Tax facts and Statistics for 2022 that we rounded up for curious and responsible American taxpayers:

Tax Facts and Stats

Infographic Source: https://peaceofmindtaxhelp.com/tax-facts-and-statistics-2022/

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