Important Dates to Remember for Businesses and Individual Taxpayers, for Tax Year 2016

It’s almost 2017!

The 2017 tax filing is just a few nights away. And there is no better way to avoid headache and stress in this annual chore than knowing the important dates. As we all know, failure to file is very costly, more costly than failure to pay!
Marking your calendar with the important dates for 2017 tax filing season is all the more important as there are some deadline adjustments. One of the many provisions of the Highway Funding bill adjusted the filing deadline for partnerships, C corporations and certain tax-exempt entities.

So it is of your best interest to know about the tax filing dates in 2017. Sure you don’t have time to read the Bill, but in this infographic you will learn about the deadline adjustments in no time.

This infographic from eFiling Plus, the leading and trusted 1099 e-filing services in America, where you will get you on board the 2017 tax filing calendar.

Tax Filing

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