Thanksgiving Guide – Fun Facts, Money Saving Tips, Myths & History

Did you know that the first Thanksgiving feast spanned three whole days? Today, we cram those three days of eating into single one. Despite the challenges they faced after uprooting their lives and starting over in the New World, the pilgrims paused to express their gratitude for the things they had. Rather than mourning the things they lost or pining for the things they wish they had, they focused on what they could be thankful for. Take a moment this Thanksgiving to do the same. Tell your friends and family how much you appreciate them. Chew your feast a little slower and acknowledge the effort it took to create. Count blessings this year and take the opportunity to be surprised at how long the list may be. Take a moment to explore this fun infographic to learn more about this holiday, including fun facts, myths, money saving tips and more! Thanksgiving-Guide

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