The Push Notification Benchmark For Mobile Apps – 2018 Edition

Accengage, the European leading Push Notification Technology for Mobile Apps, Websites and Facebook Messenger, releases the 2018 Push Notification Benchmark, based on over 50 billion Push Notifications sent to 900 million mobile users worldwide from January until mid-June 2018.

This brand new study reveals for the first time performance indicators by day and hour, as well as average click rates of In-App Messages (messages displayed within the application while in use).

It enables decision makers in Marketing, Digital, Mobile, CRM and E-Commerce to benchmark the performance of their Push Notification campaigns in terms of opt-in rates (% of mobile app users who accept to receive Push Notifications) and reaction rates (% of users who click on the Notifications) on iOS and Android, by industry, continent, country, and more.

Push Notification Benchmark For Mobile Apps
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