Things America Should Ban (Before Assault Rifles)

An infographic detailing dangers that kill more Americans every year than assault rifles. Of course, every single death is a tragedy and everything should be done to prevent even a single tragedy. However, public policy should be dictated on protecting the maximum number of Americans and not put more emphasis on some tragedies because they’re considered “worse” than others.
Seen from this perspective, there are a lot of items, everyday things even, that should be banned long before assault rifles (a category that’s in itself a mischaracterization [they are just “rifles”]) since they cause more tragedies, often far more, than AR15’s. Bathtubs kill more people every year than assault rifles. So do ladders, animal attacks, beds, bicycles, and even lawnmowers (which kill more than 3 times as many as so-called assault rifles).
This is not even including things that kill infinitely more people like rope and even sloppy handwriting (doctor’s prescriptions that get misread and the wrong, deadly medicine given to the patient). And these statistics are not made up but backed up by such solid references as FBI crime reports, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Time Magazine, among others.
However unpleasant, all of the above are facts—facts that are highlighted by this infographic.
Things America Should Ban
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