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America Sleeping Stats Of 50 States


Here is a good-looking infographic design from the mattress reviews website called NapLab that features data about the states in America with the most people who are getting a good night’s sleep which means they are getting at least 7 hours of rest per night. Check out this interesting design to view which states are getting the best sleep such …

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Things America Should Ban (Before Assault Rifles)

An infographic detailing dangers that kill more Americans every year than assault rifles. Of course, every single death is a tragedy and everything should be done to prevent even a single tragedy. However, public policy should be dictated on protecting the maximum number of Americans and not put more emphasis on some tragedies because they’re considered “worse” than others. Seen …

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61 Years Young

A Brief History of Active Adult Communities in America Age shouldn’t limit how you live your life. A new generation of active adult living has arrived. 3.5 million Americans turn 55 each year 80 Million Americans will be over the age of 65 by 2050. The first active adult community was formed in Youngtown, Arizona and opened in 1954. It’s …

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Whether you are planning on lining up to try and snaffle a bargain or planning on patiently waiting it out at home and maybe scooping up some deals online; BlackFriday is coming. This day is the largest shopping event in America, and can play to some far out and often crazy situations. We thought we would put together this infographic …

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