A Timeline of Brexit

The Brexit saga has completely dominated all of media (and much of everyday conversation) for the past three years, especially in the UK. All of the ups and downs have been simultaneously unmissable and unwatchable, and it’s not even over yet!
From David Cameron resigning as Britain’s prime minister, to parliament taking control of the whole process, and Theresa May resigning too! It has truly been one of the most dramatic times in political history. For historians and political commentators alike, Brexit is of huge significance and an event that will surely shape history.
Just in case you needed a reminder of what has happened in this political rollercoaster over the last few years, here’s our timeline of Brexit – a thoroughly researched visual journey outlining every pivotal event leading up to today in the Brexit saga. You’ll be amazed at how much (and how little) has happened in this mad adventure so far!
Timeline of Brexit
Infographic Source: https://nomajesty.com/brexit-so-far-full-timeline/

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