Creative Ways To Store Your Coffee Pods

After planting a coffee tree from the seed and with the perfect conditions it has to pass 9-10 years for the plant to become mature and produce fruit.
When the fruit is ready it’s harvested by hand once a year. Coffee cherries are processed by different methods to get beans that are dried to contain 11% moisture. Before exporting worldwide they have to pass a quality test by criteria such as size, weight, and imperfections of the bean. Coffee beans are then roasted to give them that flavor and aroma we love so much.
Coffee beans are finally ready for the market, or they can be additionally processed to make different flavors and forms of coffee. Well, that was a long and exhausting process, but here comes the hardest part. How do I choose my perfect blend? Everyone who chose coffee pods knows the struggle. There are so much of them, nobody even knows what flavors are there and you are looking for some organization ideas. No problem, because good ideas are made when there is great coffee.
Coffee Pods

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