Top 10 Countries for Costumer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is indeed one of the many relevant metrics for measuring how a product or service is performing in the market. Customer service serves as a business’ main point of contact, which mirrors the company’s value for their customers relevant to consumer satisfaction towards a certain product or service delivered.
It’s important to deliver customer service that is expected or even beyond expectations to ensure that customers will repeat purchase and would most likely become loyal customers in the future. A way to establish brand image is through word of mouth, which is why it’s best to always achieve customer satisfaction in any way, especially through customer service.
Some countries adopt the “customer is always right” manner, while some see their customers as invisible. But in Asia, they make sure that their customers feel right even at the very first interaction they make.
When bumped with dissatisfaction, they usually counter this by giving more than the expected output such as a bonus. Most of the time, these service recovery strategies are delivered through customer service support that helps in determining problems that are met by consumers and how to resolve them.
Transcosmos made an infographic that shows which countries have the highest customer satisfaction, which businesses handle customer service very well, and the reasons they are great at it. Learn from this article and be the best in customer service throughout the industry.
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