Top 8 Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

You might think that whole-body vibration is too simple of an exercise to lose weight. Well, think again! In actuality, whole-body vibration is as effective in burning calories and losing excess fat as other more physical exercises. And the best part? You don’t have to tire yourself out! While the likes of running for miles, cycling with a group, or even using all sorts of gym equipment are tried and tested ways of losing weight, whole-body vibration is just as helpful without all the stress. Some might even argue that it’s a better weight-loss exercise since your body isn’t too tense, but is actually rejuvenated after a session.
If you’re one who’s still apprehensive on the overall effects of whole-body vibration training to your weight loss, fear not. Listed below are just some of the benefits upon which you’ll be getting a trimmer and fitter body with the help of this relaxing and easy exercise.
Improves Coordination
One of the most effective ways of losing weight is to simply move about. Whether you’re running, jogging, or taking a nice stroll through town, or even just in your backyard, movement helps burn off any excess weight you wish to disappear from your body. And if you’re well-coordinated, you’ll be able to all these things at a better and ultimately more effective pace. Enter whole-body vibration! This simple exercise actually improves your coordination as it makes you less tense and more relaxed. And if your mind and body are both refreshed, you’ll have an easier time coordinating your movements to make sure they’ll aid in our weight-loss regime.
Tones Your Muscles
What’s also good for movement? Toned muscles. If your musles are up for any physical activity, you’ll be able to do practically anything. Ultimately, if your muscles are well-toned, you’re more able to lose weight effectively. Fortunately, whole-body vibration tones your muscles. Even by just simply sitting or standing on the machine can already strengthen them so you’ll be able to do lots of other physical activities. If you want to climb up a wall, do a series of cartwheels, or just about anything under the sun, toned muscles will let you do them with ease. The best part is you also get to relax in the process.
Increases Flexibility
Ever heard of stretching your weight away? This is actually possible in the form of yoga. Next to whole-body vibration, yoga can also aid in losing weight without having to tire yourself out. But it’s better to do this exercise if your body is fully flexible. If not, your body will be just as exhausted as having undergone various strenuous exercises. But when you do whole-body vibration training, you’re actually increasing your flexibility tenfold. Apart from the relaxation of muscles, you’re also strengthening your bones in the process, and strong bones make for easier flexibility. You’re less worried about getting cramped or breaking any bones when doing the most complicated yoga poses.
Spreads Body Fat
Sometimes, your fat doesn’t have to be lost but rather spread out. This makes your body look more proportionate, and in turn, makes you more fit. There is such a thing as “good fat” which can come from the healthiest of food groups, even fruits and vegetables. This “good fat” is the one that your body should store and spread throughout your body so that it’ll look proportionate and you’ll have ready sources of energy. Fortunately, whole-body vibration training aids in spreading the good fat in your body. The vibrations carry out all this fat onto your legs, limbs, and others.
Keeps You Relaxed
Ultimately, a relaxed body helps you lose weight a lot more than a stressed one. If you’re too tense, your body will stay compact and the weight will stay there even if you do various physical exercises. In the same vein, stress can cause you to overeat as well, and instead of losing the excess weight, you’re adding more into it. You’ll need a relaxed body to prepare it for various activities that’ll help you burn off calories, bad fat, and more. It’ll also help you sleep more, which is medically proven to be vital in weight loss. And what better exercise is there to relax than going on a vibrating machine? Not much!
Losing weight is easy when you do whole-body vibration. Even better is that, you’ll not only get a trimmer figure and a fitter body, you’ll be more relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated as well!
Top 8 Benefits of Whole Body Vibration
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