Top Car Seats Safety Solutions For Parents

Growing a child is inevitable. Through the years of spending more time with them is like a lifetime. Because of this, the car seat depends on the weight and size of your child. Hence, the infographic determines the safety and convenience of your child inside the car. All parents allow proper security features installed in cars such as safety lock, airbag, and safety belts. Safety car seats should be safety fit not only fit. Few things parents need to avoid on the road like motor vehicle crashes lead to injury and death in ages 3-14. There are 35% were not restrained in 723 children killed in car crashes. The caused of incorrect use of seats makes it three times more likely a child will be injured in a crash. Correct use of safety seats can reduce injury by 71% for infants, 54% for toddlers 1-4 years old, 45% for children 4-8 years old. Taking a glimpse in the infographic is highly recommended to ensure the safety of your child.
Top Car Seats Safety Solutions For Parents

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