Top 20 Twitter users 2014

By the end of 2014 the most followed person on Twitter was (and still is) Katy Perry with 63.4 million followers. Second place took Justin Bieber with 59.3 million followers; also, Bieber received 114.5 million retweets, which raised him to the top-1 most retweeted accounts. The third was Barrack Obama with 53.2 million followers. By the way, he has the oldest account in top-20 list, registered in March 2007.

Harry Styles was the most favored person (with 143.9 favorites). Taylor Swift has the most rapidly growing account (+5.4 million followers in just three last month!). Ariana Grande posted 10.96 tweets per day, so she managed to get to the 18th place of our chart. Now the most exciting part – 75% of Top-20 users are ladies, while only 25% – man.


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