Types of Process Automation for Your Business

How can you differentiate among the various types of process automation? What makes each of them so peculiar, and why? To answer these questions, The Burnie Group developed this overview to companre the four types of process automation, which include automation integrated into core systems, robotic process automation (RPA), electronic workflow and business process management, and desktop automation. To help you understand the main differences among these kinds of process automation, The Burnie Group provides you with an outline of the key elements, strong points, and weak spots that the entrepreneurs should take into account before applying one of the types to their businesses. The data is also complemented with detailed diagrams to help you better imagine how each type of process automation works. Special attention is given here to RPA since it is gradually gaining popularity in the business automation field. No wonder since the capabilities of this technology go beyond the back-office operations – it can also handle middle and front-office processes.
Types of Process Automation for Your Business
Infographic Source: https://www.burniegroup.com/technology-operations/process-automation/

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