UK Road Accidents Facts That Could Save Your Life

Road and vehicular accidents are increasing and the lives of approximately 1.25 million drivers and passengers are being taken away each year. Economy is also affected by these events. Road traffic crashes affect a country’s gross national product by approximately 3% according to a study by the; World Health Organization. These factors make the issue not only significant to families dealing with losses, but also to a country’s economic standpoint.
Did you know that road mishaps are mostly caused by human errors that can be actually prevented? According to UK’s Department of Transport, 44% of road accidents are caused by the driver’s failure to look properly, while other causes are poor manoeuvre, loss of control, and carelessness. There are many ways to prevent these tragic occurrences, and government agencies have been doing their best to promote responsible driving among motorists.
While these government institutions and non-profit organizations are doing their jobs, remember that it should not end there. Drivers must be accountable in making the roads safer for everyone. Surely, there are things a driver can initiate to prevent road mishaps. Simple things like watching out for pedestrians, not texting while driving, looking into both directions before taking a turn at intersections, showing courtesy to other drivers, and using of corrective eyewear can make a big difference.
Unforeseen circumstances can happen anytime in the roads, but the best defense for these is an effort to educate yourself and other people with road safety precautions. The attempt to minimize road accidents should be done collectively by traffic agencies and drivers.
Take note that car accidents happen mostly because of human errors. So, be a responsible citizen and motorist. Know the top causes of car accidents and learn more on how we can keep our roads safe for everyone in this infographic.

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