Uncovering the Differences of Resins for Art

This is an infographic uncovering the differences of 4 kinds of resins for art: epoxy resin, UV resin, polyurethane resin, and polyester resin. It mainly compares these resins from 18 factors including cured color, pot time, cure method, cure time, UV resistance, shelf life, etc.
We hope it helps you make proper choices for your resin projects. Knowing these differences, choosing the resin will no longer be tricky. If you want to save photos, the best choice is epoxy resin as its cured color is transparent. If you need a cheap resin and don’t care about the transparent cured color, polyurethane resin or polyester resin will be cheaper.
If you want to make a piece of resin jewelry, UV resin will be the best because it has no pot time and is super fast to cure as long as you have a UV lamp. Check the infographic for more details.
Uncovering the Differences of Resins for Art
Infographic Source: https://www.intoresin.com/blogs/intoresin-guide/what-is-resin-art

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