Using Infographics in PowerPoint Presentations

Visual content is the most effective format for content consumption. Snack culture of consumption and high competition for the user leads us to formats of expression: vivid images, visual infographics and impressive presentations. In addition, visual content is still an open field, few companies use it 100% in content strategies.
Cognitive neuropsychologists claim that 89% of people have visual perception of information, another 10% – audial (through hearing) and only 1% – kinetic (through the touch). The visual/optical data, which corresponds to the “be simple and clear” trend, is precisely embodied in the infographics.
Advantages of Using Infographics in Your PP Presentations
Infographic is to combine visual and textual stimuli, which allows for a short period of time to quickly and efficiently convey information to the viewer. Studies show that if your data contains video, photo or audio, the number of reviews increases by four times.
Remember about the Goal
The main purpose of the infographic is the satisfaction of the audience or the particular user, reader. Looking at the ideal infographic user should desire not just to save, but to use it in the future, maybe for his or her own project realization. The visual information is effective because it is built on associations and thus involves emotions. Emotions, in turn, allow bright reception of messages and help to transmit them further. Verified by the practice: infographics on the main page of the site significantly increase the number of visitors. Commercials in the style of infographic spread over the Internet themselves and gain a considerable amount of views.
The Role of Business Infographic
Besides, the business infographic is an excellent tool for tracking relationships between processes and perspectives: what follows from what and how to work to get a specific result. Infographics containing text, video, photo, and audio replaces several thousand words and is visually more appealing.
Keep It In Style
It is essential to make infographics corresponding to the overall style of the particular Powerpoint Presentation. It should not look like copied from somewhere, so make sure to keep those colors and fonts intact. If you want to show infographics on slides, pay attention to the amount text on it — it should be minimized. People like infographics because they are not obligated to read endless abstracts of text, don’t cheat on their expectations making your presentation. This rule goes for any presentation, but we would like to remind you it also works when it comes to infographics — don’t use more than 3-4 colors. Forget about old-fashioned styles, unless it is required, don’t use all those underlinings, shadows, etc.
Use Infographics Services Wisely
When using infographics services make sure to find the one which allows you to choose colors of the templates and add your designs, otherwise, the result will look too generic or, again, “stolen.” When creating infographics which cannot be easily changed later — pics, for example, check text with grammar checkers and better ask someone else to read it for you once again. Reading one text for several times, you can’t see mistakes and later it looks very unprofessional. Print your design and assess in this version — you will be surprised to find even more mistakes and required improvements.
Using infographics for your Powerpoint Presentation is a great way to attract the attention of your audience and make them remember your core ideas. You can also advertise your presentation online using infographics, because, typically, it draws attention. However, make sure not to use this tool too much — it should be a diamond of your presentation, not its primary component. There are a lot of professional presentation writing services e.g. which can provide you with high-quality custom PowerPoint presentations created from scratch by experienced writers. Good luck!

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