Video Marketing Stats That Will Make You Grab a Cam Right Now

You’ve probably heard that video marketing is a next big thing, right?
But what if we told you that it’s not a next big thing? It’s already a big thing.
…and it will be getting bigger and bigger.
What’s in it for you to use videos as a part of your marketing campaign? Let’s find some reasons:

  • Most people prefer videos to any other type of content;
  • Videos convert better than copies;
  • They are easier to process and understand;
  • Many companies still don’t leverage videos, so you have a great opportunity to get a competitive advantage.

In one word, video marketing becomes popular because it actually works. Still, all of the above mentioned reasons don’t look like solid data.
Do you need more facts and numbers?
Check out this infographic to find more video marketing stats, backed by researches. If you don’t grab a cam after you’ve finished reading it, then you must be crazy.Video Marketing Stats

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