The 21 Best Water-based Myths Tested on MythBusters

If you fall from a bridge does it make a difference if you hit water or concrete at the bottom?

What about if you throw something like a hammer to break the surface tension before you hit the water will that help you survive?

The answer to those myths and 19 others are answered in this MythBusters infographic. Water-based myths related to survival, explosions, what machines can do on water, what people can do on water and what water can do are included.

Who says these are the best 21? Good question. So MythBusters has done nearly 1,000 myths since the show began in January 2003. PressureWashr found data on 658 and of those 44 were directly related with water.The 44 water-based myths were put to the readers and 171 people voted on the best 21 from those 44 and the infographic was born. Check it out here:Water based Myths

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  1. Nice and funny pic but it is true that pressure washer can make everything easier and it is so much helpful to all. Thanks for giving such kind of beautiful pic.

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