What Do Millennials Eat

Food and weather are probably the most frequently discussed topics on the planet, but we definitely speak about food with more passion. It’s amazing how much we enjoy hearing about other people’s culinary interests, habits, recipes, and sharing our own. Food is one of the reasons that the generation Y is so popular nowadays. This is the generation of people born from the early ‘80s to the end of the 20th century, and since they are becoming that generation with the biggest buying power, everyone who is trying to sell something is interested in what they want. And, interestingly enough, they want authentic food and an exciting experience connected with it. Their desires and habits are changing the culinary world and this infographic on what the millennials eat shows precisely how they do that. Take a look to find out what types of food are gaining in popularity, what ingredient is the most dangerous according to the millennials, and what’s changed in their relationship to food compared to the previous generations. Millennials Eat
Infographic Source: www.foodpackaginglabels.net/what-do-millennials-eat/

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