What do you require to work in the healthcare industry in Australia?

Are you planning to move your career in the healthcare industry in Australia? Then, you should know these facts about the industry and also the requirement to get a job. Healthcare sector jobs mainly comprise of but are not limited to clinical and non-clinical healthcare workers, nurses and midwives, aged and disabled carers, child carers, community support workers, frontline health workers and so on.
Now, if we talk about the present scenario of the industry, the facts and figures are really encouraging. This sector is the biggest employing sector in the Australian job market which provides earning to one from eight Australian. There is a chance of approx. 2,22,300 job openings by the end of 2024, as projected by The Department of Education, Skills and Employment of Australia Government. Another significant fact is that the salary is quite attractive in this sector.
Besides desirable educational qualifications and skills, a Criminal History Check may also be required to work in this sector. Mostly, it is needed for working in Aged, disabled and child care. For occupation-related registration purposes like registered nurse or midwives, or medical practitioner, the regulatory board can ask for the Police Check certificate.
To know more of the topmost job demands and future projection, we recommend you to go through this infographic. Also, KONCHECK, an accredited site of ACIC, provides Police Checks for healthcare workers.
Infographic Source: https://www.koncheck.com/blog/overview-of-the-healthcare-industry-in-australia

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