History of The NBA Finals

The NBA Finals have a rich history dating back to 1949, with the trophy having been renamed twice since then: in 1964 and 1984. In the NBA’s so-called “modern era”, 1984, the Lakers have won 8 rings, the Bulls have won 6, and the Spurs have won 4. The Celtics, Rockets, and Pistons have each won 2.
There have been many interesting facts relating to the NBA Finals, including one player to appear in a record five consecutive Finals (and possibly a 6th this year if LeBron James can lead his Cleveland Cavaliers there in June 2016), as well as the New York Knicks being the only team to ever make it to the championship round as an 8th seed (in the lockout shortened 1999 season).
The infographic below gives a rich history of the Finals, including a detailed list of every winner, loser, games total, and MVP for each series since 1984. The upcoming Finals in June this year will definitely be an exciting match to add to the history of this incredible 7 game series battle.NBA Finals in 2016

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